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Quality Specialty Pharmacy l Interactive Promotion :: Quality Specialty Pharmacy’s had an initiative and made it simple, yet impactful, from the start – it was to equip their reps with “in-your-face” leave-behinds.  These quirky pens were meant for reps to hand out to office staff so they could refer the pharmacy each time a patient sought to fill a prescription.  This fun, interactive pen was a great way to pierce through the monotony of the day and surely reminded the staff of how grateful they were to earn their business. Spinner Law Firm  l  Catalog Design :: As a Personal Injury attorney in Tampa, Spinner Law Firm decided to gain traction through a community “grassroots” advertising campaign. Hundreds of catalogs were inserted into refillable countertop display stands placed on local business countertops reinforcing the ongoing brand awareness perfectly complementing his existing marketing plans. U.S. Fashions  l  Logo Design :: U.S. Fashions reached out to Brandz to discuss how a brand could be created so that it would be interpreted similarly throughout a diverse, worldly audience.  As an international apparel broker, it was important for them to emulate an image which exudes trendiness, style with an a-la-mode of elegance.  The outlined, posh silhouette of a woman draped in chic garment poses in front of high-rise structures proved to transcend their vision of a multi-cultural image they’ve been seeking.


Top Brands Fail To Leverage Facebook

Top Brands in the world can't hack it in Social Media. Lessons we can all take a way.

A new study of corporate use of social media shows some of the world’s leading companies aren’t communicating effectively with consumers through tools like Facebook, suggesting a missed opportunity in customer outreach. “The majority of companies we looked at are not moving toward a more interactive use of social media, even as their customers are becoming clearer about their expectation to interact with their brands,” said Jim Singer, a partner at firm A.T. Kearney, which published the study. “It was clear that most brands are lagging in their social media conversations and interactions.” 

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Social Media Engagement Equals More Sales

businesses tapping into social media can't see it as a luxury anymore.

Still don’t have social media stocked in your business’ marketing arsenal? Then consider this: A new study finds that consumers who talk to businesses on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook spend 20% to 40% more on those companies’ products and services than people who don’t.

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Giant company sues for trademark infringement

Footzyrolls Sued By Tootsie Roll Industries

Alleging “willful, malicious and fraudulent” branding, candymaker Tootsie Roll Industries (TRI) has filed a trademark lawsuit against Miamibased Rollashoe, which markets and sells Footzyrolls within the ad specialty industry and through retail channels. The suit, which was filed in federal court in Illinois, accuses Rollashoe of trademark infringement and the intentional diluting of the Tootsie Roll brand.

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Your Culture Is Your Brand

Retention through customer service proves to ingrain brand loyalty to your client base, employees and future shareholders.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of, Inc., the billion-dollar online footwear retailer, says he has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. In 1996 he co-founded LinkExchange, which was sold to Microsoft in 1998 for $265 million. In 1999 he became an advisor and investor for Zappos and then rose to CEO. Last year the company was acquired by Amazon in an amazing deal valued at more than $1.2 billion. What makes Zappos so successful? The boots and shoes it sells are great, but it’s the Zappos employees to whom Hsieh gives credit for the company’s meteoric rise. And his No. 1 priority is honing the company’s culture.

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Tradeshow Payoff

Here's How to Get People To Your Booth, Gain Valuable Customer Feedback and Evaluate the Results

Whether your company is a distributor exhibiting at a buyer show or a supplier exhibiting at an industry show, tradeshows are a big investment. To maximize your opportunities for sales, you must be proactive in your marketing, training and follow-up.