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Quality Specialty Pharmacy l Interactive Promotion :: Quality Specialty Pharmacy’s had an initiative and made it simple, yet impactful, from the start – it was to equip their reps with “in-your-face” leave-behinds.  These quirky pens were meant for reps to hand out to office staff so they could refer the pharmacy each time a patient sought to fill a prescription.  This fun, interactive pen was a great way to pierce through the monotony of the day and surely reminded the staff of how grateful they were to earn their business. Spinner Law Firm  l  Catalog Design :: As a Personal Injury attorney in Tampa, Spinner Law Firm decided to gain traction through a community “grassroots” advertising campaign. Hundreds of catalogs were inserted into refillable countertop display stands placed on local business countertops reinforcing the ongoing brand awareness perfectly complementing his existing marketing plans. U.S. Fashions  l  Logo Design :: U.S. Fashions reached out to Brandz to discuss how a brand could be created so that it would be interpreted similarly throughout a diverse, worldly audience.  As an international apparel broker, it was important for them to emulate an image which exudes trendiness, style with an a-la-mode of elegance.  The outlined, posh silhouette of a woman draped in chic garment poses in front of high-rise structures proved to transcend their vision of a multi-cultural image they’ve been seeking.


New Small-Business Resources Launch

New services provide small businesses access to current data offering news, tips and monthly research reports within any industry.

During the last half of January, both the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) and Newtek Business Service launched new services targeted toward offering up-to-date data for small businesses.

The FDIC unveiled a new website and toll-free hotline that provides information about the availability of credit to small businesses. Newtek, a company focused on providing resources to small business owners, 

launched a new site,, offering news, tips and monthly research reports.

“With the launch of our website, we hope to provide business owners with the right information and buzz about what’s going on in small business,” says Barry Sloan, president and CEO of Newtek. “We really believe it will help keep up on the pulse of that sector.”

In addition to news and articles about small business, each month the site will be posting a SBA Small Business Index, measuring the growth of business, as well as a Market Sentiment Survey, drawing on the responses of over 1,000 business owners. The company also offers a range of services, including lending money, electronic payment processing and insurance.

The FDIC website, smallbusiness, provides updates on recent financial regulatory measures and other policies that impact small-business lending and hiring, including tax credits and capital programs.

Margaret Jessup, owner of Plainsite Business Systems Inc., is interested in the FDIC site and hotline, which is available at (855) 334-2249, but stresses that she would need it to clarify specifically how legislation relates to mom-and-pop shops.

“We want things succinctly, and don’t really have an interest in long things that we can’t use,” says Jessup. “It’s like promotional pieces – give me a bullet point and if I want to learn more, I will.”

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